Request a Wireless Router or Network Port (Faculty, staff, departments only)

This guide will walk you through the steps to request wireless data services or a network data port*.

*You will need to have a valid chart string to complete this online form (requests are for UVM resources, not residential halls. Please UVM wireless in the residential halls.)

Note: Computer, Communication, and Network Technology Acceptable Use policy states:

To safeguard network security and performance, no other device or network service such as routers, hubs, sniffers, or wireless access points may be placed on the network without approval from ETS Telecommunication and Network Services.


1 ) Go to the network services form and enter your UVM netid and password into the box that looks like this: (login as you log in to webmail)


2) You will see a form that looks like this:

3 ) Fill out this form, and click the submit button. Jacks are identified by the numbers on the wall port, if the ports are already present.

Ex: 113M-002C/D (usually a room number followed by the port number/letter)

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