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UVM Computing Helpline Tech Knowledge Base

Posts to write

Posted: October 27th, 2010 by helpline

Account and Access

  • Mapping drive instructions
  • New account management links

Data security and management

  • Uninstall PGP-Mac–title entered in helpline-tech, saved as draft, no content yet
  • JPC–Drupal (content management system like wordpress) see footprint Helpline 30026


  • JPC- we will need updated articles for the two different anti-virus software we now support. MSE, and forefront


Macintosh Software

Network Access

  • JPC-Game consoles wireless – make more prominent?

Tech Internal Docs

  • JPC–CDC daily procedures
  • JPC–Footprint issues concerning police and security – stolen computer etc – image in media library “fp-police-move” for which project to move to.
  • CCE–New Employee Guide: a document that can help new employees on the job their first few days; can serve as a checklist for the lead assigned to train that new tech.
    • Include:
    • New Student tech orientation
    • Paperwork www.uvm.edu/hrs
    •     I9
    •     TERF
    •     W4
    •     OR workstudy sheet
    •     Direct Deposit
    • Accessing the schedules online
    • www.uvm.edu/~helpline/schedule links for Helpline and CDC schedules
    • Accessing time sheets online in Peoplesoft
    •     http://catalyst.uvm.edu
    •     Self service
    •     Turn in time sheets before noon every other Monday , Sunday best
    •     You can enter time daily, click Save, not submit
    •     Submit time before Monday noon on deadline days—announced by email
    • Using the Helpline and CDC listserves
    •     Report absences
    •     Post to request coverage or to swap shifts
    •     Check for announcements of network or other IT issuesUsing the BlackBoard orientation and training course
    • Using this KBResources

  • JPC–Footprints: how to use, changes made due to restructuring Client Services
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