Installing the Volume Licensed Office 2016 on UVM-owned computers: Windows

Microsoft Office for Windows:

Installing Microsoft Office 2016 from the Software share

This is intended for faculty and staff; this software may only be used on UVM owned machines.  For details about the licensing see:

This article will walk you through the installation of our volume licensed Office 2016 suite. This Volume Licensed software should only be installed of UVM owned computers. All Students, Faculty, and Staff are licensed to use Office 365 on their personal computers. If you need to install Office on your personally owned computer you can access the Office 365 portal here:

Installing Microsoft Office 2016 from sharedsoftware:

ETS recommends installing 32bit versions of Office. 64bit Office should be used if you require the NVision plugin, or work with very large Excel files.

  1. Click the “Start” button, then type \files.uvm.edusharedsoftware in the search field. Hit the “Enter” key to connect (this can take up to 30 seconds).

    1. You may be asked to enter your Network Credentials. In this example, our user has the NetID jshmoe. You should enter your NetID with “campus” in front of it. Doing this tells your computer to authenticate against our Campus domain.
      Username: campusjshmoe
      Password: (your NetID password)
  2. A new window will appear once you’ve connected to the software share. The 32bit Office installer is located in MS-Vol-License –> Windows –> Office2016 –> Office2016_ProPlus_32bit.
    1. From within the Office2016_ProPlus_32bit folder, you’ll need to scroll down to locate the “setup.exe” file. Double-click the “setup.exe” file to start the installer.
  3. User Account Control will ask you if you’d like to continue. Click “Yes” to continue.
  4. The installer window will appear, click “Install Now” to start the installation.
  5. The installer will display a progress bar with the status of the install. When the installer completes, you’ll see message which reads “Thank you for installing Microsoft Office Professional 2016…”. Click the “Close” button to close the installer window.
  6. Your Office Apps should appear in your Programs list.

That’s it. You’ve successfully installed the Volume Licensed Office 2016 for UVM owned machines.

If you are experiencing problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line at

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