Installing the Volume Licensed Office 2016 on UVM-owned computers: Mac

Macintosh OSX:

Installing Microsoft Office 2016 from the Software share

This is intended for faculty and staff, this software may only be used on UVM owned machines.  For details about the licensing see:

This article will walk you through the installation of our volume licensed Office 2016. This Volume Licensed software should only be installed of UVM owned computers. All Students, Faculty, and Staff are licensed to use Office 365 on their personal computers. If you need to install Office on your personal computer you can access the Office 365 portal here:


Installing Microsoft Office 2016 from sharedsoftware:

The first step for installing Microsoft Office 2016 on your UVM owned Mac is to connect to the /shared/software folder on the file server. To do this, click on any blank space on your desktop, then click the “Go” menu.

  1. From the Go menu, select “Connect to Server“.
  2. Enter the “Server Address” cifs:// then click “Connect”.
  3. The Office 2016 installation ISO is located in MS-Vol-License –> OS X –> Office 2016
  4. Once you’ve navigated to the MS-Vol-License –> OS X –> Office 2016MS-Vol-License –> OS X –> Office 2016 folder you should see the Office_Mac_Standard_2016_MultiLang.ISO file. Double-click on this file to mount the ISO.
  5. Once the ISO mounts, a window will appear with the package installer. Double-click the Microsoft_Office_2016_Volume_installer.pkg to launch the installation.
  6. An installer window will appear, click “Continue”
  7. Follow the on screen prompts. One of the prompts will ask for your computer’s username and password. Once you’ve entered your computers Username and Password the installation will begin.
  8. When the installation completes you’ll see a “The installation was successful.” message appear in the installer window. Click “Close”.
  9. To open an Office 2016 application, navigate to your “Applications” folder. Double-click on the Office Application you wish to launch.


If you encounter problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line 802-656-2604

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