Using LiteTouch – Imaging

LiteTouch is a tool used at UVM to manage and deploy Windows environments. LiteTouch should be only used on Windows Machines that are UVM owned (i.e. departmentally owned machines that must be domain joined).

litetouch welcome screen

When booted¬†to LiteTouch via USB or NetworkBoot, you should be prompted with this screen. Select “Run the Deployment Wizard to install a new Operating System” if you are installing Windows to the machine. If you are booting to LiteTouch to run diagnostics, you can select the “Run DaRT tools” option.

Note: There are some times where a Windows Machine cannot connect to LiteTouch via NetworkBoot. In these instances, it may be necessary to utilize the LiteTouch USB in order to facilitate a reimage. If you do not have a LiteTouch USB, you can follow the guide to Creating a LiteTouch USB.

login to litetouch

Once selected, you will be prompted to login using your UVM NetID and password. Only users authorized to use LiteTouch will be able to login here. When your credentials have been entered, click the “OK” button.

select image

Once authenticated, you will be able to select the appropriate image deployment (depends on the situation). Select “Next” when you have picked the correct deployment.

connect domain
Most of the information on the “Computer Details” screen should be left alone. The computer must be connected to a domain (

import system data
If you are importing user data and settings, you can specify this here. If not, select the “Do not move user data and settings” option.

import user data

On this screen, you can select the appropriate applications to install. Each of the UVM Application Packages has a description alongside it.

select packages
On this screen, you will have to set the Local Administrator account’s password. Typically, this is setup to be the netID of the individual who brought in the machine. Once the client comes in to pickup their machine, ensure that they change the password from their netID.

set admin password

On the “Ready to Being” page, double check to make sure all of the information reflects your intentions. If everything looks good, proceed to click on the “Begin” button.

start reimage

If you are having problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line at 802-656-2604

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