Using LiteTouch – DaRT

LiteTouch has several capabilities. From the below screen, you can either use LiteTouch to install a Windows Operating System to a particular machine or run diagnostic tools.



DaRT stands for Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset. Its tools can be used to help diagnose issues and they include:

  • Registry Editor
    • Allows for editing the registry of an already installed operating system.
  • Locksmith
    • Allows for the changing of local account passwords on an already installed operating system.
  • Crash Analyzer
    • Analyze crash dumps/
  • File Restore
    • Recover deleted files.
  • Disk Commander
    • Repair volumes, MBR, or paritions.
  • Disk Wipe
    • Erases data from hard disk.
  • Computer Management
    • A collection of Windows administrative tools that help you troubleshoot a problem computer
  • Explorer
    • Browse local hard drives.
  • Solution Wizard
    •  Helps to choose the proper repair tool.
  • TCP/IP Config
    • View and manage TCP/IP configurations.
  • Hotfix Uninstall
    • Uninstall hotfixes to the already installed operating system.
  • SFC Scan
    • Starts the System File Repair Wizard and lets one repair system files that are preventing the installed Windows operating system from starting.
  • Search
    • Search for files.
  • Remote Connection
    • Set up remote connections.


If you are having problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line at 802-656-2604




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