JMP Pro 11 Setup

The purpose of this is to act as a walkthrough on setting up JMP Pro 11. You will notice this is done on a Mac but the process is pretty much the same on a Windows machine. The most common issue with this installation process is that the installer is buried within about five directories. Throughout this tutorial we will attempt to walk you through the process but if any questions come please contact the UVM Tech Team.

Start by downloading JMP 11 from the UVM Software Archive. To get there type into your web browser and log in using your UVM netid and password. The picture below illustrates that page.


Please choose whichever operating system you are currently using and continue to follow along. From here you should navigate to where JMP Pro 11 is located. Unless there are special circumstances it is best to install the newest version of JMP.


Now click “Download JMP Pro now” The file will probably be saved in your downloads folder. This is where it gets tricky for most people. When you have located the file please double click and open the file.

If you are on a Mac then you will get a message saying that the file is being extracted when this finishes you will need to go into the newly created folder and continue following along.

On a Windows computer you should be able to double click on the file and open it normally.

After you have successfully opened the file you should see an window that looks similar to this.


Now click on and open the file called JMP. This is where we have to navigate through a few folder before we actually get to the installer. After opening the JMP folder you see something similar to the photo below.


Open the JMP_Pro folder and continue onward.


Again open the 11_2 folder and continue onward.

Note: The numbers may be different here depending on the version you are installing.


Continue as before and click on the Macintosh folder.

Note: If you are on a Windows computer this will say “Windows”, click on it anyway.



Finally we get to the installer. If you are working on a Mac the it will look like the picture above. If you are installing it on a windows machine then you will see quite a few more things listed in the directory. One of them will be titled setup.exe and should be listed as an Application in the description. Click on that one to begin the installation.

Install the program as you would normally.

Note: If while installing JMP Pro on a Windows computer you get an error message saying that the file cannot be extracted here. Please go all the way back to the main folder probably in your downloads and right click on it. From there you should see an option to extract the file, click that. After this finishes navigate back to the file titled setup.exe and run it.

After the installation process you should two windows like the ones shown below.


Now the installation is finished. You will probably get a Window that says something about registering the software. You can click the option that says do it later.

Note: When you run the program for the first time on the Mac you could get an error that says it needs a new license file to activate. To resolve this uninstall the program by moving it to the trash. Empty the trash and then restart the computer. Then download JMP again and go the installation process all over again.

If you run into further problems please ask or TA’s or come to the UVM Tech Team Computer Carry-In Clinic for help.


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