Getting Started with Outlook for Web (OWA)

The University of Vermont has recently moved its email and calendaring services to Microsoft Exchange. If your account has been migrated, you can access your UVM email and calendar using any modern web browser via Outlook for Web. The following walkthrough will serve as an intro tutorial to OWA and its features.

What is OWA?

Outlook for Web (OWA) is the webmail component of Microsoft Exchange. You can use Outlook for Web to access your UVM email, contacts, and calendar. You can access Outlook for Web from any modern web browser at the following URL

Navigating between Mail, Calendar, and Contacts

You can easily switch between your Mail, Calendar, People (contacts), and Tasks within OWA. Use the App Switcher in the top-left corner of OWA, then click on the App you want to use.

This is a very brief (25 minutes) tutorial for Outlook on the Web at UVM. We recommend viewing it in full screen mode (click to start, then select the bottom right most icon in the player).


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