Folder Redirection and Offline Files

About Offline Files and Folder Redirection:

Users who regularly work from network files can take advantage of Offline Files in Windows, allowing them to access their files even when not connected to the network. When a network file is made available offline, Windows will make a copy of the file on your computer. You can use this file as usual while disconnected from the network and any changes made to these files will be synced once the computer is connected again.

UVM uses the Folder Redirection feature for domain joined computers, so the Documents, Pictures, Video, and Music folders are stored on the UVM network. These folders are automatically set up to be available offline, so you may not notice much difference in using them than non-network files. Users may be prompted to resolve any conflicting changes when the folders are synchronized, though (e.g. the same file was modified in both places).

Most of the time, Offline Files will work without issue. However, in some cases there may be problems. The synchronization may not work correctly if major reorganizing or renaming of files is done while disconnected from the network. Filling the network storage quota will also cause synchronization to fail.

How to Sync Offline Files:

To manually synchronize Offline files with their network folder, you will need to use Sync Center. You can find Sync Center by opening the Start menu (or Start Screen for Windows 8, 8.1) and typing sync center.


Click the Sync Center item in the search results and the Sync Center should open right up. Note that the Offline Files item shows the time of the most recent sync.


If you want to initiate another sync, click on Offline Files, then click Sync.


If there are any errors when syncing, those will be shown below the sync progress bar. Click the [number] conflicts or View sync conflicts on the left to see details about the files in conflict.


You should now see a list of any files that had errors while syncing.


Select each file conflict you want to resolve and click Resolve or right-click the file and select View options to resolve…


You can view details about an individual error by hovering over it with the mouse.

Sync Errors are handled differently and may require the help of your IT support staff or the UVM Tech Team. In some cases, it is necessary to reset the Offline Files tracking database and essentially start over. This procedure is documented in a separate article, Troubleshooting Offline Files.

If you are having problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line at 802-656-2604

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