ETS File Transfer

The UVM file transfer service (maintained by ETS) is available to share files which are too large to email as  attachments, or which may be in a format that is not accepted by the UVM mail servers for security reasons. Uploaded files are available for 3 weeks before the file is removed from the server.

The file transfer service is suggested for sharing large individual files. As only one user (sender or recipient) needs to be UVM-affiliated, this file transfer method is perfect for collaborating both within UVM, and with people in other educational institutions, vendors, departments, and professional organizations.

The sender will receive a confirmation that the recipient has received the file.

Upon navigating to, select whether or not you are affiliated with UVM.

Selection of affiliation when logging into file transfer service

UVM Affiliates

UVM affiliates will be prompted to log in and the taken to the File Transfer Service screen.

landing page filetransfer

To send a file, or a set of files in a compressed (.zip) folder or individually, click Share Files, and you will see this screen: Be sure to check that recipient email addresses are typed correctly in the TO box.

file transfer add files

When using the file transfer service, please be patient as the amount of time taken to upload the file will depend on its size and your connection. Large files are likely to take longer across a wireless network than across a wired network. Please leave the window open until you receive the confirmation that your file has been successfully uploaded. Closing the window prematurely will disrupt the uploading process. Once uploaded, you will get a page similar to the image below:

filetransfer confirmation

Your file transfer history can be displayed by clicking “Show expired files”.


Clicking Show Details will display the sent date, the file name, who picked up the file and when, and the expiration date until which the file will be accessible.

show details

The recipient can follow the link that is provided in the email notification to access the transferred files.

Non-UVM Affiliates

Users not affiliated with UVM will be prompted on whether they are sending or picking up a file.


Picking up files

If the recipient has received an email from the ETS File Transfer system it will look like this:


The recipient can click the first long link to access the files directly. If that does not work, use the email address that this email was sent to and the recovery key to gain access to the download.

Sending as a Non-affiliate

To send a file click the “Share File button”. Fill out the information requested and either drag or navigate to file to upload it. Keep in mind that the file can be no bigger than 100GB.


If you are having problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line at 802-656-2604

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