Data Backup Services at the Computer Clinic

The Tech Team Computer Clinic can provide help with backing up data for any UVM Faculty, Staff, or Student. You can visit the Clinic to get help learning how to complete regular backups, or to have a backup performed for you.

It is always a good idea to backup data that is on your computer. Data on your computer can be lost if the hard drive fails, data becomes corrupted or is deleted, the computer is lost or stolen, or the computer is physically damaged. Having a backup copy of your files can prevent considerable stress and loss of important data in any of these events.

NOTE: UVM Faculty and Staff are responsible for performing regular backups of their data, according the the Computer, Communication, and Network Technology Acceptable Use policy.

Options for backing up data:

UVM Network storage:

Network storage can be used to backup some of your important files, though you will need to use a VPN when accessing network files off campus.

Zoofiles – Essentially unlimited storage space available to faculty, staff, and students. While there is technically no limit, this storage is only intended for UVM related materials, so it is not an appropriate space for a full computer backup.

Active Directory – Faculty and staff only, have 10GB of personal storage in the Active Directory Campus domain (also known as your H: drive). The Campus domain also supports shared directories for departments, usually with much larger storage space.

Documentation on how to connect to Zoo or AD directories

External storage devices:

External hard drives are a great option for backing up your data since they come in a wide range of sizes and do not require an internet connection to use and backup to.

Automatic backups – Automatic backup software, once setup, will perform regular backups of your data whenever you have connected your external storage device to your computer. Windows has Backup and Restore (Windows 7) or File History (Windows 8, 8.1, 10) built in and Apple computers have Time Machine. These are the recommended options for automatic backup software.

Manual backups – If you do not want your backups to be done automatically or would only like to copy a limited number of files onto your external drive, you can manually back up your data (usually just by clicking and dragging files to the drive).

You can get help with any of these at the Carry-in Center. Note that data backups can take a long time (about 1 minute per Gigabyte of data on average) so come prepared to be without your computer for a bit.

If you are having problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line at 802-656-2604

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