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Creating a new post

Posted: June 21st, 2011 by zau

Note: Only blog members who are editors have access to the dashboard components needed to add or edit articles. Contributers will be able to create posts and edit their own posts; such posts will be reviewed before being published.

1. Choose a good title: this will become part of the permalink. If the title is too long, edit the permalink to something shorter and easier to read off over the phone.

  • If you are creating a tech only page, use the same title and permalink as the public page (if it exists) but suffix the title with ‘-tech’ and prefix the permalink with ‘tech-‘
  • Public page title: “UVM email forwarding”; Permalink: “email-forwarding”
  • Tech page title: “UVM email forwarding – tech“; Permalink: “tech-email-forwarding”
  • Tech pages that don’t have a public equivalent, such as how to use the phones or changing refresh times for the CDC Kiosk do not need the prefix or suffix as they should be categorized under Tech internal docs/, Tech CDC docs or Tech HL docs.

2. Choose one category from the list on the right (please do not leave the post uncategorized). Please do not add new categories. Choosing a subcategory will automatically include the post under its parent.

3. Fill in the Excerpt box with a short description. This will be displayed with search results and in the category lists. If you do not see the Excerpt box at the bottom of the page you will need to click on “Screen Options” which is next to “Help” to reveal extra options, check “Excerpt” and the box will appear.

  • Start all excerpts for tech pages with “Tech only: “. Unless they fall under the two tech categories.

4. Fill in the post with documentation.

  • Inserting images: ensure you add alternative text and select full size. Click Insert into Post. If you missed that, the image will be uploaded into the media library so you can insert it from that or the gallery tab without having to reload it from your computer.
  • Internal links: After selecting the text you wish to create a link for, click on the ‘link’ icon. Click on “Or link to existing content” and search/select the page you wish to link to. Another way is to know the ID of the post you wish to link to. Then in the a href it will be “index.php?p=ID”.

5. Visibility: Please leave all posts created as public. All posts will need to be reviewed by an editor before it is published either in this Helpline Tech site or publicly in the Helpline site.


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