Computer Warranties, Batteries, and AC Adapters

The UVM Computer Clinic and hardware team are able to honor all Apple and Safeware computer warranties, in addition to Dell warranties for the Latitude, Optiplex, and XPS models. Manufacturer warranties last three years, excepting batteries, and Safeware lasts for four years or until an amount equivalent to the purchase price of the computer has been spent. Hardware repairs can also be done on supported models not covered by a warranty, but will require a diagnostic fee to get a quote for the total cost of repair.

While the UVM Computer Clinic can assist with most software problems for Windows and Mac operating systems, hardware work cannot be done on unsupported models as it can and will void the status of your warranty. Examples of unsupported models include all phones and tablets, Dell models not listed above, and computers made by any other manufacturer. In these instances, the UVM Tech Team can try to help diagnose a hardware problem and do what we can provided the issue involves user removable parts (parts designed to be easily replaced without significantly disassembling the computer), such as hard drives. However, for non-supported models we recommend that you first contact the seller or manufacturer directly.

If you are uncertain of your warranty status, it can be checked on the manufacturer’s site using your serial number or service tag:

Apple Warranty Lookup

Dell Warranty Lookup

Safeware Coverage Lookup

Apple Warranties

Apple Warranties are one to three years, and typically sold separately from the computer itself. The UVM Computer Clinic is able to repair any Apple laptop or desktop. The Applecare warranties only cover manufacturer defects. Accidental damage, such as drops, cracks, and liquid spills, are not covered by this warranty.

Note: Applecare+ warranties are only applicable to mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and wearables, which are not supported by the UVM Computer Clinic

Dell Warranties

Dell automatically provides a one year limited warranty and offers additional coverage for up to a total of 4 years. This limited warranty only covers manufacturer defects, and accidental damage such as drops and liquid spills are not covered. Dell Complete Care warranties, however, do cover accidental damage. Dell computers purchased at the UVM bookstore include three years of coverage for both the limited warranty and Dell Complete Care.

Safeware Coverage

Safeware is an independent coverage plan for computers that covers all repairs required up to the value of the computer itself for the duration of the plan. This covers all accidental damage from the date of purchase, and covers manufacturer faults upon expiration of the manufacturer warranty.

Batteries and AC Adapters

Regardless of the length of the warranty for the computer as a whole, batteries are only covered for a year. Batteries that are out of warranty can still be replaced by placing an order through the UVM Computer Clinic. Prices vary by make and model.

The computer’s AC adapter is covered for the length of the manufacturer warranty with the rest of the computer. If not covered by warranty, replacement adapters can be purchased at the UVM Bookstore.

If you are having problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line at 802-656-2604

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