Adding a user to the Administrator group

This is the procedure for adding a UVM NetID to the local Administrator group. The requirement(s) to do this are the following: -Must be a Lead Tech. All Leads have a -tech account. The -tech account looks like ex. jpcollie-tech . NOTE: You can change your -tech account password by Ctrl+Alt+Delete and selecting change password. You must already […]

TechTeam Accounts

Techteam Apple ID: Password: T3cht34m Security Questions: What was the first film you watched? Office Space What is your dream job? UVM TechTeam What is the name of your favorite sports team? Catamounts Date of birth – January 1, 2000   TechTeam TweetDeck account: Email: Password: h3lpl1n34cc0unt (the “0” is a zero)

Protocols for Peoplesoft Issues

NOTE: This is not an article, but an incomplete list of useful protocols for dealing with Peoplesoft issues that are initially reported to the Helpline. Add to this page if a new solution for a type of issue is found. ISSUE: Client needs to speak with a Peoplesoft administrator Usually, Peoplesoft support requests are handled […]

Activate a UVM netid account

activate a netid for the first time

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Configuring Windows 7 backups

Configuring Windows 7 Backups   Click Start>Control Panel Select “Backup your computer” from the list (Reference screen shot below) Now you will select the destination of the backup files. If using external drive this would be the time to power it on and plug it into the computer, and select refresh. When the device populates […]

Using BartBackup

This article was written to help clarify any misunderstandings that might arise when using bartbackup. Bartbackup is a simple script that was created to make mounting failing drives on Ubuntu Linux slightly easier by providing menus, rather than requiring a user to remember various commands. Concepts to understand: a Source_Drive is the drive you are […]

System Restore

A guide to using System Restore in Windows.

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