Windows 8- Enterprise Deployment

The process of deploying Windows 8 through UVM’s Lite-Touch imaging server looks almost identical to the steps followed to provision Windows 7 on computers purchased or imaged by UVM. Instructions for Deploying Windows 8: After F12 booting the computer to the network, select the correct starting OS version from the Lite-Touch High-Volume Deployment suite options. You […]

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Hard Drive Destruction

Open the Work Order system as if you were checking in a computer for hardware diagnostic. At the Work Order Main Menu, instead of choosing Create New Work Order, you will select Open HD Destruction Log (see below)  From Drive Destruction Log Menu, you will then want to pick Computer Hard Drives & Other Media. […]

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Waterman 113 Lab-student tech responsibilities

Session 1: Waterman Lab support and ETS support changes from Summer 2010

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Blackboard: Missing control Panel (Edit mode is off)

If a person is an instructor, TA, or course builder in a course, but does not see a Control Panel below the course menu, have them try toggling the Edit Mode switch in the upper right corner of the course page.


Blackboard: “Please add instructor to this course…”

Instructors can only be added by the registrar, or by the department through the registrar’s Banner system. If someone needs to be listed as an instructor in a course, and they will be having grading responsibilities in Banner, then they will need to work with the registrar or with their department administrator who has access […]


Blackboard: Unavailable vs. Disabled Courses

Unavailable courses are hidden to students, but are accessible to Instructors, TA’s, and Course Builders. Courses are created as “unavailable” by default. Unavailable courses are denoted by a red “X” to the left of their Course ID in the System Admin -> Courses area.  Here is an example of what that looks like. Instructors, TA’s, […]


Blackboard: Is a course available?

Helpline agents can tell if a course is available or not by taking the following steps: Login to Bb. Click on the “System Admin” tab, then click on “Courses” Search for the course using course id and/or CRN. Course name, or instructor’s NetID are not as accurate. Confirm that the results match the CRN/Course ID […]


Blackboard: Student can’t see their course (course availability)

Students reporting problems accessing a course or materials should be told to contact their instructors immediately. A typical exchange might go like this: Client: “My course isn’t in Blackboard.” Agent: “What is the course ID (or CRN) for the course? Who is the instructor for the course? If you cannot see your course listed when […]


Copyright Complaint Process

detailed description of how UVM tracks copyright complaints using scripts

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Using BartBackup

This article was written to help clarify any misunderstandings that might arise when using bartbackup. Bartbackup is a simple script that was created to make mounting failing drives on Ubuntu Linux slightly easier by providing menus, rather than requiring a user to remember various commands. Concepts to understand: a Source_Drive is the drive you are […]