Printers: Faculty and Staff

Adding Printers to Your Computer Department network printers can be added to faculty and staff computers as long as the IP address is known or if the computer is domain joined. Adding Printers to Non-Domain Joined Computers: You will need to know the IP address of the printer for all of these options. This can […]

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Forwarding Full Mail Headers

Occasionally, you may need to examine the headers of your emails, or be asked to forward an email with full headers to IT professionals while resolving an issue. This article will guide you through finding the full headers, and forwarding an email with full headers. Outlook for Web App To view and forward full headers […]

Adding a New Administrator on AD-Joined Machines

This article outlines the steps to grant a user administrator rights for a CAMPUS domain-joined machine. It should be noted that there are risks associated with administrator privileges, and local administrator rights should only be granted to trusted users who understand those risks. A netID-tech account is required to add a new administrator. IT professionals […]

Data Backup Services at the Computer Clinic

The Tech Team Computer Clinic can provide help with backing up data for any UVM Faculty, Staff, or Student. You can visit the Clinic to get help learning how to complete regular backups, or to have a backup performed for you. It is always a good idea to backup data that is on your computer. Data on your […]

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Computer Warranties, Batteries, and AC Adapters

The UVM Computer Clinic and hardware team are able to honor all Apple and Safeware computer warranties, in addition to Dell warranties for the Latitude, Optiplex, and XPS models. Manufacturer warranties last three years, excepting batteries, and Safeware lasts for four years or until an amount equivalent to the purchase price of the computer has […]