Computer Labs: where can I print? where are computers for student use?

Computer Labs See online documentation maintained at for current information on computer labs available on campus, including resources for students and guests. ETS maintains the Computer Lab in 113 Waterman. Information about the lab, including what software is available, hours, and the schedule for lab classrooms, is online at Rescued files – a […]

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Disk Encryption options: PGP, BitLocker, and FileVault

brief overview of disk encryption software used at UVM for faculty and staff computers

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Copyright Complaint Process

detailed description of how UVM tracks copyright complaints using scripts

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Mac OS X self-assigned IP address or no IP address

Affected Operating Systems: OS X 10.5 Leopard OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Problem: Mac is unable to get an IP address via DHCP, reporting either a self-assigned IP address (169.x.x.x) or no IP address. This often happens on the wireless Airport interface, even when Ethernet appears to be working. Cause: The OS X firewall is […]