Hard Drive Destruction

Open the Work Order system as if you were checking in a computer for hardware diagnostic. At the Work Order Main Menu, instead of choosing Create New Work Order, you will select Open HD Destruction Log (see below)  From Drive Destruction Log Menu, you will then want to pick Computer Hard Drives & Other Media. […]

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Disk Encryption options: PGP, BitLocker, and FileVault

brief overview of disk encryption software used at UVM for faculty and staff computers

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Windows 8 – Backing up files with File History

Windows 8 –using the built in back up options Windows 8, the current version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, comes with two separate backup options. These are Windows File History and Windows Backup & Restore, and each functions slightly differently. This walkthrough is for Windows File History, a built-in application which takes regular snapshots […]

Disposal of Surplus Computers and Electronic Waste

Proper management and disposal of surplus/old computers.

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PGP within the College of Medicine Information Systems

The College of Medicine Information Systems (COMIS) has their own PGP policy that complies with COMIS security requirements.  The differences between the COMIS policy and the UVM policy are as follows: The COM-branded background screen in BootGuard (The PGP login screen that appears when the computer is turned on specifies College Of Medicine) The COMIS […]

PGP and netID account password changes-Mac

MAC OS: Password changes on PGP encrypted computers UVM Faculty and Staff using macs will not have those computers joined to the CAMPUS domain. They should still use the netID and the netID account password when the PGP pop up for enrollment with the PGP server comes up.  These directions assume that the client used […]


Connecting to the “Shared” folder: Windows

How to connect to the (Active Directory Campus domain) shared drive using a Windows computer.

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Connecting to the H: Drive: Windows

How to connect to your (Active Directory Campus domain) H drive using a Windows computer.

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Uninstall PGP-Mac

Things to note when uninstalling PGP: TECHNICIANS DO NOT DO THIS IN THE CDC UNLESS AN ETS TECH 4 OR ETS STAFF MANAGER REQUESTS THAT THE PROCEDURE BE DONE. UVM security policies involved indicate that we would only remove PGP under very specific circumstances (for example, in order to install a newer version, or to […]


Uninstall PGP-PC

How to use the Uninstall PGP utility in the PGP folder on a Windows 7 system: Login to an administrator level account Click Start, All programs, find the PGP folder, click on it RIGHT click on Uninstall PGP, choose run as administrator when prompted that the keys will be deleted click OK, let the uninstaller […]