Calendar Permission Levels

Permission Levels and Recommendations

These permission settings are accessed through the full Outlook client (installed as part of Microsoft Office).

Calendar, Home Tab, Share Group, Calendar Permissions button.
Permissions Tab, Permissions Group, Permission level pull-down menu.

The BOLD permissions in green are recommended settings. Use the proper permission levels for your desired use case.

Security Control Levels

Create and/or Edit Levels

  • Owner
    • Everything, plus control of security rights.
      Not recommended. Possible use with extreme delegation.
  • Publishing Editor
    • Editor, plus create subfolders.
      Not recommended.
  • Editor
    • See all, create, edit all.
      Recommended. Default permissions for a delegate.
  • Publishing Author
    • Author, plus create subfolders.
      Not recommended.
  • Author
    • See all, create, edit only created events.
      Not recommended. Use Editor for a delegate or Reviewer for wider visbility.
  • Nonediting Author
    • Reviewer, plus create items but no editing.
      Not recommended.

Nonediting Levels

  • Reviewer
    • All meeting details are visible.
  • Contributor
    • Limited details plus create items, but no editing.
      Not recommended.
  • Free/Busy time, subject, location
    • Blocks marked with limited information.
  • Free/Busy time
    • Blocks of time, but no text visible.
      Minimum recommended setting.
  • None
    • No Visibility at all.
      Not recommended unless extreme privacy is required for the position. This will not prevent invitations, only make them completely uninformed.

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