Blackboard: The “Files” Area

The “Files” Area

The Course Files area (see figure, right), a new feature in 9.1, is found at the top of the instructor’s control panel (this is not available to students). It gives, among other options, the ability to:

  • upload single or multiple files at once with an easy drag and drop interface
  • create organizational folders for files
  • provide students with links to a single file from one or more content pages in your course
  • overwrite, move or modify files without breaking links from content pages
  • easily create and download a backup of the files

NOTE: Blackboard has a 30MB size limit on single files, so for larger files, such as audio or video (and sometimes Powerpoint) we recommend uploading them to your personal zoo space and linking to them. Audio and video files can be handled with the Media Manager

How to Update Files (Without Breaking Links)

If you have uploaded a file to the files area, and created a link to it from one or more content pages, you can update without having to reattach it to each content page. Download the file, open it, make the desired changes, and save the file with the same name. In your course’s files area, select “Overwrite File” from the drop down menu and follow the steps. (You may need to clear your browser’s cache.)

ยป See Instructional Video created by Blackboard on how to use the course files area.

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