Blackboard: Manage Course List

Managing Your Course List

If your course list displays older courses that you no longer need to see, follow the steps below, but understand that these steps control only what’s showing on your own list. This is not a way of making courses unavailable or available to students, you are simply hiding them from your list. (You can easily display them again by reversing these steps.)


  1. First, click on the small gear icon at the top of your courses module:
  2. TO SHOW COURSES: For the courses you DO want displayed, make sure that both the first two boxes are selected (at least), as shown in this image:

    See note, below, for why the Course ID should be displayed.

  3. TO HIDE COURSES: Select the course(s) you would like to hide from your list by un-checking allthe boxes in the row associated with that course.
    Important Note!

    Make sure you’re not hiding your current course! “Course IDs” begin with move course on listthe year and one of three semester numbers:

    201301 = Spring, 2013 (“01” indicates January)
    201209 = Fall, 2012 (“09” indicates September)
    201306 = Summer, 2013 (“06” indicates June)

  4. To re-sort the order of the list, roll over a course and notice the double arrow that appears. Click it and drag it to another position on the list. See image, right.

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