Blackboard: Lesson Plan Tool

Lesson Plan Tool

A Lesson Plan is a “container” for information associated with the overall learning objectives of a section of a course. Use of the Lesson Plan tool can help you link content to the course goals. Students are therefore able to see connection between specific content items and what you think is important for them to learn.

By default, Lesson Plans have four sections:

  • Instructional Level
  • Instructor
  • Subject Area
  • Objectives

screenshotTypically, Lesson Plans are added to Content Areas, but they can also be added to Learning Modules and folders. The Lesson Plan’s general information and content items are organized following the title. The top portion contains general information about the lesson, which appears in the gray area, while the bottom contains content items.

The Lesson Plan uses the Bb text editor so that you can either copy/paste or enter text directly for student viewing.

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