Blackboard: iClickers

iClickers and Blackboard

You can connect and sync your Bb course roster with your clicker tools.

Download and connect your Bb course to your iClicker program

Follow these steps for each course in which you are using iClickers.

  1. Go to and download and install the iClicker software (Mac or Windows)

  2. Open the iClicker program (Mac:; Windows iClicker.exe) and create a New course. Provide a course name and course number. Click “Choose” then click “My Settings.”

  3. In the “My Settings” window, click the LMS/Reg button and choose Blackboard. Click “Set for Course” to save that choice. (You can choose additional settings related to scoring, use of phone app, etc. later.) Quit/Exit the iClicker program.

  4. Go to Blackboard, open your course and from the top left of the Course Menu click on the “+” symbol, then click on “Tool Link”. Choose the option “i>clicker Student Registration”. If you prefer not to add this to the Course Menu you can add it to any content area in your course (ex: Course Materials) by going to the Tools button at the top of the area and choosing More Tools: iClicker Student Registration.

  5. Tell students to click on the link you have created in the course to register their iClickers. (They no longer have to go to the web site as long as you’re using the Blackboard Integrate tool.) Here are some instructional slides to share with your students in class.
  6. Go back to your iClicker folder, open the Resources folder, and find the CMS Wizard Integrate app/exe program.

  7. Double click to run it. Login with your UVM NetID and password.

  8. In the dropdown list, choose your course, then click “Import Roster.” This will create a folder for the course inside your iClicker: Classes folder. Inside that folder will be a file named gb_export.csv. NOTE: if you are asked to overwrite, click yes.

Do these steps each time you want to collect iClicker responses and load them into your Blackboard Grade Center.

  1. Start the iClicker program and run your polls. At the end of the session, quit iClicker.
  2. Make sure your roster is synced with your Blackboard course: Open the iGrader program, choose the course and click Sync. Before you sync make sure the correct LMS is listed next to “Output formatted for”. If not, go back to iClicker’s My Settings and choose it in the LMS/Reg area (See Step #3 above).

  3. Return to iGrader, choose the course, click Sync and login as directed. Choose the course from the drop-down list, click Upload Scores. (You may be asked to Import Roster again before you are given the option to upload your scores.)

  4. Once synced, upload your responses/points to Blackboard by clicking the upload button (green arrow) , select the session title (date) and click Next. If asked, select the information to include in the upload (last names, first names, etc.) and click Export. This will create a .csv file in your iClicker:Classes folder but it will also upload the grade to Blackboard. (It may ask you to login to Blackboard during this process.)

  5. Go to the course in Blackboard, to the Full Grade Center. Scroll to the last column to see your data.


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