Blackboard: Guest Access

Guest Access Settings

You must follow at least Step 1 and 2, below, to make your course and course areas open to guests. Step 3 shows how to direct guests to your course

NOTE: Only “content areas” (e.g., syllabus, course materials, etc.) have the option of guest access. Areas for student activity (e.g., blogs, discussion boards, wikis, etc.) are denied the guest access option to ensure student privacy in accordance with FERPA.

Step 1:

In the Control Panel,

  1. Choose Customization / Guest and Observer Access
  2. Option #1 Allow Guest Access: choose yes
  3. Click Submit and then follow directions in Step 2

Step 2:

copy URLNow you’ll need to set guest viewing permission for the individual areas on your course menu.

  1. On the menu, hover over the small button to the right of each link that you want guests to view. The setting will either be “Deny Guests” or “Permit Guests.” Choose “Permit.”

Step 3:

copy URL

  1. While on the home page of your course,copy the URL from the browser’s address bar. (see figure, right)
  2. Paste the URL into an email message and send to your guests. Note: the only areas that will be accessible to your guests are the content areas. You cannot allow guests into tool areas where student names may be visible, such as the discussion board, blogs or wikis.
  3. Instruct your guests to use this URL to access the course.

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