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Grade Center

(See how to back up the grade center here.)

The Grade Center is a dynamic tool that interconnects with other tools in Blackboard such as tests and assignments. It exports and imports information to and from Excel, allows instructors to manually enter grades, supports methods for weighing grades, distributes grades to students with the “My Grades” link on the Course Menu, and facilitates communication with students about their progress.

Because the Grade Center is a fairly complex set of features and demands the highest level of accuracy, the CTL provides workshops every semester that focus solely on the Grade Center. (See ourEvents Calendar.)

If you are unable to attend a workshop, or simply need some “refreshers,” we recommend Blackboard’s video tutorials on different aspects of the Grade Center, below. You can also download this 4-page PDF,” Getting Started with the Grade Center.”

Instructional Video from Blackboard:

Getting Started with the Grade Center in Blackboard 9.1

PDFs About Grade Center Columns:
  1. Getting Started with the Grade Center [PDF]
  2. Column Management
    1. Column Overview [PDF]
    2. Calculated Columns [PDF]
    3. Total Columns [PDF]
    4. Weighted Columns [PDF]
    5. Average Columns [PDF]
    6. Minimum-Maximum Columns [PDF]
    7. Editing Options [PDF]
    8. Deleting Columns [PDF]
    9. Extra Credit Columns [PDF]

    (Or download a 34-page PDF combinding all nine column management categories) [PDF]

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