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A Wiki is a mini-web site you and your students can build within your course. You can think of it as a series of interconnected web pages. Each member of the course, or group, can create, delete, and edit pages in the wiki as well as create links between the pages.

A Wiki can be set up to be edited by the whole class or by individual groups. It can be a collaborative project tool or a place for individual.

You can create multiple wikis with a course for different purposes. For example, you might wish to have individual wikis for each student to create a multimedia project or write a paper, group wikis for student groups to create wiki projects, and wikis that are built by the entire class. Blackboard wikis can only be viewed by members of the course.

How to set up a Wiki

  1. Go to a content page (such as Course Materials) and make sure Edit Mode is ON
  2. On this page, under the “Tools” button, choose “Wikis”
  3. On this page, choose “Create New Wiki” and click “Next”
  4. Fill out the form, choose your settings, and click “Submit”
  5. On this page, make sure your newly create wiki is now highlighted, and click “Next”
  6. Adding a description is optional – click Submit

Read ideas for wiki applications within a course.

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