Blackboard: Copying Courses

Copying a Course to a New Space

The “Course Copy” function is a fast way to copy content between two existing courses, but bear in mind that there will be some tasks to do after copying the course to repair links and clean the course menu of duplication. Content will be copied to the destination course, but these steps will not remove or overwrite existing content in the destination course.

Steps for Copying a Course

  1. In the Control Panel of your “source course,” select Packages and Utilities, then select Course Copy
  2. Click Browse to select your “destination course” from the list of your courses.
  3. Select the check boxes for the content you wish to copy, and Submit
  4. Now navigate to your destination course. You may need to refresh the course menu to see your newly copied content. (Click the refresh icon at top of course menu, 2nd from right).

NOTE: Existing links within a course, for instance a link from inside a content area to a test, will break. The tests themselves will copy over (if check box is selected), but will need to be “re-deployed” in their appropriate content areas.

(To re-deploy a test, go to the content area where it should appear to students. With Edit Mode set to “ON” click Create Assessment, then choose Test. You should see your tests listed, if they were selected when you did the course copy. Select the Test in the Add Test list, then click Submit. On the next page, set the Test Options.)

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