Blackboard: Combining Courses and Cross-Listed Sections

Combining Courses and Cross-listed Sections

Combining Courses

Every course with a unique CRN will have a Blackboard course space, automatically. If you teach multiple sections of a course and want to combine them to a single course space, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Make and download a backup of all content from your existing course spaces that will be included in the combined course (see Step 1, below)
  2. Send an email request for the course combination, following the instructions (see Step 2, below)
  3. Restore your content which you’ve backed up and downloaded to the new, blank course space (see Step 3, below)


Step 1: Back Up and Download Content

This “back up and download” step is necessary only if you have already created content within the course spaces that are to be combined which you don’t wish to lose. This is important, because when course spaces are combined, a new, empty course space is created. The original course spaces disappear, so your content will become unavailable unless you follow the steps on this page:
Archiving a course

Step 2: Send Email Request

Send an email from your UVM email account to in which you:

  1. Acknowledge that your existing course spaces for the sections to be combined will disappear along with any content or student data.
  2. Confirm that a backup of the course has been created and downloaded (see instructions) if there is any content you want to save before the two separate, yet to be combined, course spaces disappear.
  3. Include all CRNs (the 5-Digit course registration number) for the sections to be combined. You can look up the CRN for your courses on the Registrar’s Schedule of Courses (SOC).

Important: The email must come from the email address of the listed instructor of the course.

Step 3: Restore Content

Once the combine request is processed, a new, empty space will appear in Blackboard containing the rosters for all sections included in the combination. The back up zip file–or archive file–you created in step 2 above can be imported into the new space to restore your content.

Cross-listed courses

Sections that are cross-listed in the registrar’s system (Banner) automatically come over to Blackboard combined into a single section containing the rosters of both sections.

As is the case with a course combine, if two existing sections are cross-listed, the corresponding spaces in Blackboard will become permanently unavailable when the new cross-listed space appears. On occasion, this can happen without instructors receiving enough forewarning to save a backup – if this is the case, the instructor of the course can contact and ask for an archive of the cross-listed space (please include the 5-Digit CRN of the course to be recovered).

During the cross-listing process, titles of course spaces on Blackboard are assigned based on an algorithm in the Registrar’s system. If two sections are cross-listed, the title of the space in Blackboard will reflect one of the titles in the cross-listing.

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