Blackboard: Blogging for Students

Blackboard Blog Basics

Blog overview

blog screenshot

  1. Create Blog Entry (Read more about posting entries, below)
  2. View Drafts: Access any entries you may have saved as drafts.
  3. Blog Entry: Blog entries appear here, below the instructions
  4. Comments: After posting an entry, you can see if comments were made and how many. Click the link to view comments.
  5. Comment: Add a comment by clicking “Comment”.
  6. About this Blog: In the side panel, view the blog information.
  7. Index: View past blog entries, which may be indexed by weeks or months.


Making Blog Entries

blog post screenshot

  1. A title is required
  2. Enter your text here using the formatting icons as needed. It is strongly suggested that you type your work in an another program such as Notepad or Word and paste it in. This way you have a copy saved on your computer in case of any connection or computer problems. If you use Word and notice formatting problems, use a plain text editor, such as Notepad, and use Blackboards icons to format your pasted text.

    If inserting an image, you may wish to limit its size to a maximum width of 700 pixels.

  3. If you want to attach a file, click “Browse My Computer,” locate the file and click “open.”
  4. If you click “Post Entry” your post will be published for the class to read. If you want to save it as a draft to be finished and published later, you can choose “Save as Draft.”

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