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The Blog Tool

A blog is a searchable list of postings displayed in reverse chronological order (most recent first). Blackboard allows you to create multiple blogs in each course. You can create blogs that are open to all students in the class, or blogs for specific groups.

An alternative is the “Private Journal” which will function like a blog for each student but which is visible only to the individual student and to you as the Instructor. Read more about Journals

In Blackboard, the blogs are self-contained within the course, that is, they are not open to the general public.

How to set up a Blog

  1. Go to a content page (such as Course Materials) and make sure Edit Mode is ON.
  2. On this page, under the “Add Interactive Tool” button, choose “Blog”
  3. On this page, choose “Link to a Blog” and select the correct blog from the list in the box, and click “Submit.” IF there are no blogs listed, you’ll need to click the button below that says “Create New Blog”
  4. Fill out the form, choose your settings, and click “Submit”
  5. Make sure your newly create blog is now highlighted, and click “Next”
  6. Adding a description is optional – click Submit

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