Blackboard: Backup Grade Center

Backing Up the Grade Center

Note: Instructors are responsible for making and keeping backups of their course materials and other course data. Deleted data in a Bb course cannot otherwise be recovered.

It’s a good idea to back up your grade center regularly. To be assured that you always have a good back-up, follow these steps each time a new grade column is filled.

  1. Go to the Grade Center
  2. Click the “Work Offline” button at the top right of the page and choose “Download” (see images, below)
  3. On the “Download Grades” Screen, select the following options as in the image, below:
    → Select Data to Download: Full Grade Center
    → Delimiter type: choose Tab
    → Include Hidden Information: Yes
    → Click Submit
  4. After submitting, click “Download” (see below) to save the file to your computer as a backup of your grade center. The file can be uploaded back to Blackboard, if needed, or it can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

work offline screenshot
download options screenshot

download option screenshot

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