Blackboard: Archive a Course

Archiving (Backing up) a Course

Note: Instructors are responsible for making and keeping backups of their course materials and other course data. Deleted data in a Bb course cannot otherwise be recovered.

We now recommend Archiving (preferring it to “exporting”) as the best practice for all course back-up purposes. Archiving backs up everything in your course and will produce a zip file that must be downloaded to complete the backup process. The zip file will not be usable for any purpose except importing back into Blackboard. Instructions are below.

To create the archive file:

  1. In the course space that contains the content you wish to back up, go to
    Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course.
  2. To create a new archive file, click “Archive.” (If you have previously created backups of your course, you will see those older zip files listed.)
  3. If you want to include the grade center data, choose “Include Grade Center History.”
  4. Click “Submit.” You will be sent an automated email indicating that the process is complete. This usually only takes a few minutes, depending on the size of the course. Once you receive this confirmation email, you must refresh the page to see the new export package file that you just created.
  5. To download this zip file, click on the link to it. (Or right-click and choose “Save to computer.”) IMPORTANT: Do not rename the file – leave the name that Bb gave it intact. You can now store it with other backups in a safe place such as a CD or a course back up folder on your zoo space. To import the content to a new course space, follow the steps on the “Importing” page.

NOTE: While instructors can create archive files as often as they like, only the Blackboard administrator can fully restore the archive with user data intact, i.e., student names and grades. (If you need to access user data in an archived version of your course, contact the UVM Blackboard Administrator at

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To import the materials and tests from an old course into a new course, visit the Importing Course Content page.

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