Blackboard: Adding Images to a Course

Add Images to a Course

To Add Images to an Item

  1. In the item’s toolbar view, click the expand icon in the upper right corner of the text editor (see image of this button, right)
  2. In the item’s toolbar view, click the image icon (see image, right)
  3. On the window that pops up, you have 3 options:

    Option 1: Browse My Computer
    If the image is on your computer, click this option and:

    1. Browse to, and select, the image and click “open”
    2. Enter the “Alt Text” (an image title or a brief description for visually impaired users)
    3. If you want the image to be an active link to a webpage, paste in the URL to be targeted
    4. If the image is quite large, you may want to enter a pixel width such as 400. Blackboard will downsize the image proportionally
    5. Click Submit

    Option 2: Browse Course
    If you have already uploaded the image file to the files area (read more about the files area here), choose this option and:

    1. Place a checkmark to the left of the image file (you may preview the image by clicking on the image name)
    2. Follow the same steps as above

    Option 3: Source URL
    Note: these instructions apply if the image is on your zoo space or website:

    1. You’ll need to capture the URL of the image itself (Note: this is not going to be the same address of the page where the image appears.) To do this, open a browser window and go to the web page where the image appears, RIGHT CLICK on the image and choose“Copy Image Location” (in Firefox) or Copy Image URL. This will put the URL (the image path) on your clipboard and you can paste this into the “Source URL” field of the Blackboard image form
    2. Note: Some browsers may not have Copy Image Location as an option. You may need to click “View Image” to isolate the image, and then copy that URL from the address bar.
    3. Click Submit

To Add an Image Directly to a Content Area

Under “Build Content,” choose Image, and follow the directions.


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