Blackboard: Adding Content

Adding Course Content

On this page we describe how to add content to a “content area” in your course. The Course Materials page, which is by default on every new course menu, is an example of a content area.

(To add additional Content Area pages to your menu, see: Course Menu Management.)

The “Files” area in the course Control Panel makes it easier to organize and update the files that you attach to your course, such as images, PDFs, and Word documents. To learn more, see Overview of Files or view this video tutorial created by Blackboard about uploading files.

1. Add Folders to a Content Area

If you plan to upload a lot of content to your course, you’ll probably want to organize it into folders.

  • Open a content area page, such as “Course Materials.” (Make sure Blackboard “Edit Mode” is ON – see button on top right of page)


  • Click the “Build Content” button and choose “Content Folder.”

    Build Content button
    The minimum requirement for a folder is a name. NOTE: The text input area underneath the name is for an optional description. It is NOT where you add your content to be contained in the folder. Once you have named your folder, click submit.


  • To put content into a folder, you must first click on it to open it. You now have the option to create more organizational folders or to add links, text, images, etc.



2. Add a Web Link

This explains how to create a link to a Web page:

  1. Go to the Website to which you want to link
  2. Copy the full URL from the address bar, e.g.
  3. With the address copied, go to your Bb course content area
  4. Under the “Build Content” button, choose Web Link
  5. Give the link a title, e.g. “New York Times”
  6. Paste in the URL in the next field
  7. (Description of link is optional) Click Submit


3. Add Text

The “item” is an area where many types of content may be displayed, such as text, images, and videos. To add a text item, click the “Build Content” button and choose “Item.”


4. Attach files, e.g. .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx

Under “Build Content” choose “File” and follow the directions. Or – within an item, use the option for attaching a file found beneath the text box. In either method, you are prompted to browse for the file on your computer or if it has already been uploaded to your files area, you can choose “Browse Course.”


5. Add Images

Images, (or video and audio files) can be added to your course in a variety of ways. You can embed them within an item and you can add them on the page directly with the Build Content button. To learn more about this, see adding images.


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