Blackboard: Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release

Adaptive release allows you to reveal content to students after they have met a certain criteria. Essentially, “you can’t have access to this thing until you complete that thing.” For instance, students can have access to a reading or video upon completion of a quiz.

How to set it up:

In this scenario, we will have a video made available only after someone has taken the test.

  1. Create a test and deploy it. The test must be available to students in order for them to take it.
  2. Create an instance of a video.
  3. Click the small arrow next to the video and choose “Adaptive Release”
  4. Scroll down to #3 and select the grade center column associated with the task/test you want them to do first. Note: grade columns are automatically created when tests and assignments are deployed, or grading is selected for other tools. If there is no grade center column for the content, one will need to be manually created before setting the adaptive release.
  5. Click submit

Now, when you make the test available, once a student takes it, the video will be revealed to that individual. See the screenshots below.

The instructor’s view when setting adaptive release


What the student sees before taking the test:


What the student see after taking the test (showing a sample video):


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