Adding an Exchange Account to Apple Mail and Calendar

The University of Vermont has recently migrated its email and calendaring services to Microsoft Exchange. If your account has been migrated, you’ll want to complete the following steps to ensure Apple Mail and Calendar are configured correctly. The following walkthrough will add your UVM Exchange account to the native Apple Mail and Calendar apps on your Apple Computer.

NOTE: While Apple Mail supports Exchange accounts via Exchange Web Services, we highly recommend using Outlook for Mac, our Outlook on the Web if you need advanced calendaring features or if you are a delegate for someone-else’s calendar.

  1. To add your Exchange account, open “System Preferences
  2. Select “Internet Accounts
  3. In “Internet Accounts”, select “Exchange” from the options list. If you do not see the options list, you will need to click the “+” sign in the bottom left corner.
  4. In this example, our user is Joe Shmoe, who has a NetID of jshmoe. Enter your name, UVM email address, and your UVM password, then click “Continue”.
    Note: The email address should be Using your email address may cause errors. You will need to configure your preferred email address here, this “Preferred Email address” is the address that will be used when sending mail from your exchange connected mail clients and devices.
  5. You should receive confirmation that “Internet Accounts found a server account for the email address you provided”. If you did not receive this message, you may need to re-enter your password and or email address. Click “Continue”.
  6. Make sure all apps are selected for the account, then click “Done”.
  7. Apple Mail and Calendar should both now function properly for email and calendar.
  8. Recommended: Your machine may have an old UVM email account configured using IMAP from the previous email system. We recommend removing this IMAP account after confirming your recently added Exchange account is working as expected.
    1. To remove your old UVM IMAP account, open “System Preferences
    2. Select “Internet Accounts
    3. In “Internet Accounts”, select the imap account (the UVM account not specified as “Exchange”). To confirm you selected the correct account, you can click “Advanced”.AddAppleMailCalendar7
    4. In the Advanced menu, you should see the image below, depicting several IMAP configuration preferences
    5. Click OK, then click the “-” sign in the bottom left corner of Internet Accounts to see the confirmation menu. Click “Remove From All” to fully remove the account and you have successfully removed your IMAP account.

If you are having problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line at 802-656-2604

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