Accepting Exchange Event Invitations in iOS

Exchange integrates UVM’s email and calendar into a single system, significantly changing the process of accepting event invitations. In Oracle Calendar, someone would add you to an event, Oracle would automatically email you that you had been added, and it would appear on your calendar.

In Exchange when you are invited to an event, you will receive an email invitation to which you can accept, tentatively accept, or decline. If you do nothing with this invitation, the event will appear in your calendar. However, the creator will not know if you are attending.

If you delete the event invitation, the calendar entry will be deleted on your schedule, but the creator will not be aware that you deleted the entry. It will also appear that you didn’t reply for the event on the creator’s calendar.

This is very different from the behavior of Oracle, and makes it very important to understand these event invitations and respond to them properly.


To properly accept an Exchange invitation in iOS:

  1. Open the invitation in the native “Mail” application
  2. Tap the Exchange Attachment
  3. You will be brought to the “Event Details” page where you can “Accept”“Maybe” (Tentatively Accept), or “Dismiss” (Decline) the event.
  4. In this case, we accepted the Event and it now appears in the Native iOS Calendar app


For more details on the Exchange Migration project, please visit our landing page here:

If you are having problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Help Line at 802-656-2604

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