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The University of Chicago will no longer be accepting and archiving dissertations on paper. Furthermore, they will be using UMI Dissertation Publishing’s web-based interface for submission of dissertations. What a concept! In the current process, dissertations begin life as digital documents, get printed on paper, then get scanned to be turned back into digital documents. […]

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3D modeling for humanities research may finally be coming into its own. NEH has posted the latest round of funded start-up projects, including “creations and curation of 3D virtual objects/artifacts; 3D modeling and virtual re-creation of historic structures; [and] reconstruction of 3D events using images and documentation…” Another one of particular interest to me: UNC-CH […]

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eBook Update

Amazon’s release of Kindle 2 was followed swiftly by their release of the Kindle application for iPod Touch/iPhone, letting you read your current and new Kindle ebooks on your iPod Touch. But wait, there’s more? Yesterday Thomas Nelson Publishers finally did what ebook enthusiasts have been waiting for: pay for a book once, and get […]

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