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Well, well, Wired Magazine has published an official definition. So does that mean the term is passé? They define it as: “Edupunk n. Avoiding mainstream teaching tools like Powerpoint and Blackboard, edupunks bring the rebellious attitude and DIY ethos of ’70s bands like the Clash to the classroom.” I wonder why reactionary mode is always […]

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I installed Google’s browser “Chrome” last night and took a quick look at how Blackboard ran in it. So far, no problems. In fact, it didn’t even do the annoying “do you want to trust, say OK, verify, or otherwise indicate your approval to me so I can use javascripts” routine. And this after some […]

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Learning Styles have been a persistent topic in educational discussion for at least the past 20 years. Typical of any topic related to teaching and learning, opinions have ranged from defining the “magic key” of learning styles that will open the door to the best ways to teach everyone to a more recent backlash that […]

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