Welcome to my spot!

The spot that I chose is located in Centennial Woods near the entrance, along the first bridge you come to on the path. It is at this location:


I chose this spot because since being at UVM, I’ve spent a lot of time running in these woods, which remind me of the woods I ran in back home. This spot in particular is the first place you come to that I think feels removed from the rest of the campus and city, and I feel very calm and peaceful here.

There isn’t too much ground cover here right now– probably partly because of the bridge that takes up a lot of the ground space. There are however some ferns and moss, and some longer grasses as well.

The most common woody species appears to be Norway Maple. However, these species are also found at the spot:

White Oak
Eastern White Pine
American Beech

Here’s some pictures of the spot as of right now. Not many of the leaves have changed since the weather’s been warm, but hopefully they will soon!


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