Drawing on the resources of the Living/Learning Center and its dynamic network of student and faculty-led programs, the community of learners that make up the Global Village will be engaged in coursework, lectures, concerts, exhibits, faculty and peer mentoring, social connections with international students, group meals, and trips that:

  • Explore the many connections among language, art and culture at regional, national, and international scales;
  • Share disciplinary expertise within an environment that values a holistic approach to “living and learning;”
  • Encourage formal and informal contacts among students, faculty, and staff within the Global Village, the Living/Learning Center, the other Residential Learning Communities, and the university as a whole;
  • Aim to be a complement to existing international and cross-cultural programs at UVM;
  • “Think globally and act locally” by outreach to the international community at UVM and within the greater Burlington area.


Website: Global Village Residential Learning Community

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