JESSICA: Drip Drop, Lets Talk Water!

18 Mar

So much to say I don’t even know where to start! We almost ran out of water last week and I was afraid I couldn’t shower and I also went to the Dead Sea!

Water poverty- Jordan is the 4th poorest water country in the world. People here just don’t have much water and have to be super careful. Water is delivered on a weekly basis. When i first arrived my grandmother didn’t have water because she came to pick me up from the airport on delivery day, so she missed the delivery guy and got no water. Crazy right? She went to stay with my uncle for a week because they had water there. My aunt’s house where I’m staying has pretty good water, but we have to be careful. ( i.e. I shower every other day instead of everyday and take supper quick showers) We almost ran out last week because we had guests come stay with us, but we ended up being ok, thank God!

Most people here shower every other day or less. My neighbor showers once every 4 days- but she lives in a family of 5. I only live in a household of 3, so showering is much easier! I don’t think I could go that long without a shower. yuck. On average a person here will consume about the same amount of water in 2 months that an American would consume in a year. It’s all so strange. If your water runs out- you can pay to have your tank filled again, but it so expensive that most people would never be able to afford it. Most houses also have a pump in the ground to try to get water, but I really don’t know how affective it all is.

Also, the water isn’t always hot. Most people heat their water through central heating and electricity, but they usually keep it turned off and will turn the hot water on about 30 min. before they shower. This is because electricity is expensive for people, but it honestly makes life so inconvenient. I usually will have to plan my showers an hr ahead of time to make sure the water gets ready and people here will often wash dishes with cold water. Some people heat their water by solar panels above their house. A mirror is places on the roof to reflect light/heat and warm the tank. At least that’s how I understand it to work. This is not used very often in the winter because their is less sun, but can be very helpful in the summer, as it saves people from having to pay a higher monthly electricity bill. However, not everyone has solar heating because installing the mirror on the roof can be very expensive, but I think most of the wealthier homes have this. I’m honestly not very knowledgeable about how it all works, I just know it makes life hard!

The other interesting thing I wanted to talk about is my day trip to the lowest point on earth- the dead sea! It was amazing and beautiful to say the least. We went to a fancy spa/resort for the day and ate lunch there and just relaxed on the beach. I covered my self in the dead sea mud, let it dried, then went in the water. The mud is a natural exfoliate for your skin and you can find it at many spas. You can also buy a can of the mud for about $25, but it is so much better to just take a mud bath there. :) The water is amazing and so strange. Your body just floats to the top and you can’t control or stop it. The are mounds of rock salt all over as well. They kinda hurt your feet to walk on if you are near them. Some of the other people in our group cut their feet on the salt rocks. I got the water in my eyes and my eyes started burning from the salt. :/ It’s seems so strange that Jordan has this huge body of water and is still so water poor. They can’t actually use the dead sea to shower/drink/clean, but it’s a huge touristy attraction and serves for a great time :)

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