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23 Feb

Hey guys!

So today I thought I’d just do a little post about where I live. St.Petersburg is a really interesting city in the fact that it is divided in many parts by the Neva River, which create separate islands throughout the city. Therefore, the area is covered in really beautiful canals and bridges.  I am fortunate enough to be living on the lowermost island, known as Vasiliyevsky Island. It is bordered by the Bolshaya and Malenkaya Neva as well as the Gulf of Finland. I live about an 8 minute walk from Приморская (Primorskaya) Metro station, which is the last stop at the top of the Green Line.

View from outside my apartment complex
View Apartment in a larger mapI have about an hour commute to school each day, but luckily a lot of my friends live really close to me on the island and we usually travel together so it makes the trip there and back much less boring.

Every morning I leave my apartment at about 8:15 and walk down what I can best describe as an overhang located in front of the several shops which line my street. I love it because the overhang blocks the wind and any snow or rain so I make it to the metro (relatively) warm. I meet up with my friends in front of the metro station at about 8:25. We get to the Chernishevskaya Metro Station at about 9:30 where a shuttle provided by CIEE brings us all to Smolny which is about a 5 minute drive away.

Metro stops circled in pink above.

All in all I love where I’m living, its a great location and is very beautiful. Yesterday I met a Russian man who lives nearby and he was showing me pictures he had on his phone of the area in the spring and they were GORGEOUS. I can’t wait for some of this snow to melt so that I can look out my window and see the beautiful canal that leads into the Gulf everyday. Everything is going great so far, I am having a blast and I really feel like my Russian is improving each day. Check back next week for a post about my classes!



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