TRAVEL BLOG: Drinks in Japan

21 Apr

No, readers, this isn’t about the alcohol (I swear I hear people clicking out of my blog after reading that).  Instead, I want to write about the various soft drinks Japan has to offer.  Back at UVM, a lot of people drink water, tea, coffee and soda.  That pretty much seems to be the case in Japan.  The difference here is the types of drinks available.  Of course you can still drink Coke products and Pepsi products, but I have some better soft drinks in mind:  Pocari Sweat and Calpis.  Let me start with Calpis:  Before I continue on, it should be noted that it is pronounced “Kalpeesu” (The pronunciation we use might be a bit creepy).  It’s a really popular drink here.  It tastes kind of like plain-flavored yogurt, but sweeter and tastier.  I have a photo of me drinking it out of a jumbo-can (Note the obscenely long hair).  It’s probably my favorite soft drink here.  Also, if you don’t like carbonated beverages, you can get Calpis Water (the non-carbonated version).  Is it just me, or does it sound like I’m promoting their products?  Oh, well.  My next favorite drink is called Pocari Sweat (don’t these drinks have weird names?)  Why do I keep using parentheses?  Anyway, this only comes, as far as I know, in non-carbonated form.  It kind of tastes like grapefruit, but I’m bad with this sort of thing.  It’s supposed to be used to hydrate you after physical work.  In this sense, it’s almost like Gatorade, but with one flavor instead of multiple.  Not that these are the only drinks available.  In fact, there are lots of unique drinks available:  For example, for the release of the new Final Fantasy, a soda was created featuring various characters on every can.  I never really tried it, but it looked amazing.  Also, for Spring, many limited edition drinks are released.  Most of these drinks have a “Sakura” flavor (Which tastes like Smarties to me, but that’s just my opinion).  My friends have even found cucumber-flavored Pepsi (I haven’t found it, but I’m still looking).  It tastes pretty good, actually, and is worth a try.  That’s all I have for today.  Let me warn all of you in advance that my next blogs will be a bit more serious and deal with racism, smoking and other topics (if they work).  Thank you again for reading my blog and Jaa, ne!

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