TRAVEL BLOG: Japanese Concerts

29 Mar

Hello, readers! So this time, I’m going to blog about Japanese concerts. Due to the fact that I will miss out on Springfest this year, I chose to find a concert to make up for it. As it turned out, one of my favorite Japanese groups, Capsule, played in Nagoya this past Saturday. Capsule comprises of two people: one DJ and one singer. Think of them as Japan’s answer to Daft Punk. Anyway, I promised my mentor for this that I wouldn’t talk about parties here, so I focused on other aspects of the concert. Although I tried to get pictures, the workers here were very strict about not allowing us to take any photos. One of the first things I noticed about this concert was how polite the audience was. Never have I seen a crowd with so many manners. Nobody here used beach-balls to float around, crowded close together, or even screamed in between songs. I will say the big difference between Springfest and the concert I attended is the length of time the opening acts played. At the concert here, the opening act went on for about four hours! It seemed like an eternity waiting for the main act, even though the acts themselves were very talented. The main act played for about an hour-and-a-half, playing one incredible song after another. Now in the US, one might shout their loyalty to the group while they play or maybe bounce around the area. Here, the crowd just moved from side-to-side, waving their arms back and forth, only applauding when the next song started. I just found it amusing that the polite culture associated with Japan could even be found in a pop concert! That being said, I hope you all enjoy Springfest this year. That about sums up this week’s blog. Next week will be about Spring in Nagoya (It sounds boring, but I already have pictures and an outline, so it won’t be as unstructured as this blog was). 皆お休み (Goodnight, everybody!)

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