TRAVEL BLOG: Recycling in Japan!

22 Feb

Hello again, readers. As promised this blog will talk about how the Japanese handle recycling. Fortunately, for those of you who either can’t stand me or have very short attention spans, this blog happens to be fairly short. I chose to write this because Japan, like UVM, takes recycling pretty seriously. I remember back at UVM getting dirty looks for chucking takeout boxes in the trash and, of course, getting a bit annoyed when “Don’t-buy-plastic-bottles Day” came around (is it bad that I bought bottle water anyway merely to spite the day)? Anyway, Here’s how recycling/trash works in Japan: First, trash is divided into two bins: one for burnable garbage (燃えるゴミ) and one for non-burnable (燃えないゴミ). What constitutes burnable and non-burnable garbage, for the most part, remains pretty straightforward, but asking for help never hurts either. Now for recycling; I’m attaching a photo of a recycling section outside of a convenience store. Most stores, class buildings and other establishments have three containers for recyclables (instead of our usual two or one): one for paper and plastics, one for plastic bottles and one for glass bottles and cans. In Japan, plastic bottles are called “PET Bottles” (I still have no idea what that means), “Kan” for can and “Bin” for glass bottles. I have actually been lectured by a passer-by for putting certain items in the wrong place (purely by accident, no malice intended to the environment). Recently, I have been feeling a little homesick and looking at the recycling here makes me feel a little more like I’m back home. I hope you liked today’s blog and check-in again for a surprise topic! (My way of saying that I have had to change my blog topics around a bit and that next Sunday’s topic isn’t ready yet). Thanks for reading and Jaa, ne!

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