Buying Machinery

A Guide to Buying a New or Used TractorIn this Ground Work webinar, Shane LaBrake offers many ideas and tips to help with decision-making around purchasing a tractor.

University of Minnesota Extension Video Series on Tractors for Small Farms

  • Part 1: Introduction to Buying a Used Tractor. Considerations to think about when selecting a used farm tractor that will fit your needs and experience. (2 minutes, 28 sec.)
  •  Part 2: Basic Tractor ConfigurationBasic tractor configurations for various farm uses, and how to select one based on your needs. (4 min.)
  • Part 3: Age of the Tractor. Focus on price and age of the tractor, including safety features and technological advancements to consider. (5 min, 35 sec.)
  • Part 4: Tractor MaintenanceTractor maintenance and previous care issues to consider when selecting a used tractor for your small farm. (5 min. 3 sec.)

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