Mapping and Charismatic Species

I have always found the forest to be one of the most peaceful places on earth. It doesn’t matter where, but surrounded by the quiet and nature, thoughts about the chaotic outside world seem to fade into the soothing rustle of the leaves. When I am in my spot in centennial woods I feel this way. Calm, grounded, and in harmony with a natural world that is stronger and wiser than the entire human race. When I am in centennial woods you can hear the birds chirping. They are songbirds and their whistles come out in drawn out  melodic tones. Like a choir, they serenade the forest. Although the leaves have been changing and the temperatures dropping, a steady few remain. Additionally in the white noise of the forest, I can hear the sound of the grasshoppers. One of the leaves of a tree close to the entrance of Centennial woods has morphed from a pale green to a vibrant pinkish color. If the sunset were to be a leaf, that is what it would look like. In one of these leaves, there is evidence of past insect interaction. Bite marks that mark the meal of a small forest creature. A conspicuous characteristic of my location in centennial woods is a large ditch that is about 2×3 feet in dimension. It looks to be created by an animal that needed a place to sleep or hide. The forest floor that used to be covered in dirt and forest debris such as sticks and greenery is now sprinkled with red, yellow, and brown leaves. The land is relatively flat. There are several squirrels roaming about my spot as well. This time of year is an important one for this species because they must prepare their food supply for the winter. 

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