Highway History: How the construction of the interstate highway changed Vermont

Within the Landscape Change Program is a subset of over 30,000 photographs taken before, during, and after interstate construction in Vermont (like the one shown below). These images weave a compelling narrative of landscape change brought about by interstate construction. The images show the scale of physical landscape change, the excitement of opening an exit, and the devastation that can come with losing one’s home to make way for the highway.

As part of our outreach efforts, we have crafted the interstate photos into 20 stand-alone informative banner that will appeal to a diverse audience by including facts, quotes, and waving a narrative within each. The banners will be available to exhibit across Vermont this summer (2013). If you’d like to see the banners at a library, museum, rest area, or anywhere else near you, please contact us by emailing avang@uvm.edu.


It’s the Holiday Season in Vermont!

When I think of the holiday season in Vermont, I think of snow, skiing, and spreading some holiday cheer. While I can’t see much (any!) snow outside my window right now, I can definitely find some in the archive. Here are just a few holiday photos that we have in our collection. Enjoy!

Where do all those gorgeous Christmas trees come from? From tree farms across Vermont! These trees are being harvested from a tree farm in Morristown, VT.

Here’s a great photo from the Vermont State Archives of the State Building at Christmas. Look at that beautiful tree!

Speaking of trees, here’s a family with two young children picking out a Christmas tree.

Have a wonderful holiday!


First Day of Fall

It’s officially fall and in Vermont that means it’s fall foliage season! In the database we have lots of beautiful photos from around the state, including this 1975 image of Warden Farms in Barnet, VT.

The farm is still operational and family run, but is now going by the name KWW Farm. More information about the farm can be found here: http://www.localharvest.org/kww-farm-M39108. This farm is part of the Caledonia Farmer’s Market Association, and products from this farm can be found at the St. Johnsbury Farmer’s Market.


Transportation along Main St, Burlington

This sequence of four images contains some of the most viewed photos in the Landscape Change Program database.

From oldest to newest, they show the transportation changes that took place along Main Street in Burlington, Vermont, over the years. From a newly paved road in 1920, to the streetcars that lasted only a few decades, to the busy asphalt road of today, these images display a transformation that happened across the country.

Apple Picking in Vermont

Fall is a fabulous time of year. Leaves start to change color, the temperature drops, and apple picking season begins!

In the Landscape Change Program database we have quite a few images of apple orchards from around the state. One of my favorites is this image from Green Mountain Orchards in Putney, VT. Allison Darrow wrote to us in 2005, saying that the man in the photo is her grandfather William Hines Darrow, and that the orchard is still family run!

Be sure to browse the rest of the images in the archive and let us know if you recognize anyone! We’d love to see some new photos of this orchard in the database. If you’d like to upload a photo, just click here and follow the directions.

If you’re looking for an orchard closer to you, the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association has a list of apple orchards throughout the state.


A Wave Goodbye

Well everyone, this is farewell for me. My time with the Landscape Change Program is up since I’ll be going to graduate school this fall. It’s been a summer full of learning new things and travelling all around the state experiencing some delicious food, seeing some gorgeous buildings and meeting some wonderful and helpful people along the way. Thanks Vermont and the people at the Landscape Change Program for making my last few months in the area full of sightseeing and re-photographing on beautiful summer days!