Richmond: Rolling Hills, Picnics, and a Preservationist’s Dream

Today we left the craziness of Burlington and made the trek 20 minutes south to land in picturesque Richmond. As soon as you get off I-89 you are bombarded with the beauties of nature at every angle.

We made our way to the Historic Round Church where the structure, as well as the small-town charm, remains. Crossing the Checkered House Bridge (under construction at the time) you would know you were in farm country even with your eyes closed. The smell of cows and earth hit me right away- it was fantastic!

We ate our lunch picnic-style at the park next to the On the Rise Bakery- couldn’t resist a sunny, mid-70 degree day. Ana, Sandra, and I walked the streets of the small downtown trying to get a sense of what it may have felt like 100 years ago.

The preservationist in me came roaring to the forefront as we re-photographed what was the Richmond Creamery on Jolina Court. The two-story gable-roofed section is all that remains from the original building. I could easily imagine a cleaned up landscape, repaired roof and windows, and a gorgeous surrounding view. Ah, if only!

The little building with the green door was, by far, my favorite find that day. Something about that green door that just caught my eye and made me wonder, what was this?

Do any of you know?